After Sales: It’s all about the timing

After Sales: It’s all about the timing

When you managed to successfully sell your customer a product, the After Sale begins (or: After Sales Management / ASM).
It is important to continue to advise and care for your customers needs, because this is what makes direct selling so special and different from conventional selling. It is important to signal your customers that you are their reliable contact person and that they can ask you their questions at anytime. That way you can support customer loyalty. Because if your customers feel cared for and looked after they will keep on buying your products and stay a customer. And who ever can create high customer loyalty, can be successful in Network Marketing and Multi Level Marketing!

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The right moment is important

You should contact your customers regularly, but the right timing and also the right frequency is important. When calling or writing every week, you’re risking annoying your customers and being ignored at some time. Because even if you sell great products, customers will change to another consultant when annoyed.

Especially because there are so many consultants out there and because it is really easy to change to other sellers it is important to think about the right moment to call or write your customers. Of course this moment also depends on the product itself.
If it takes on average 2 weeks for your products to arrive at your customers, it makes no sense to call them after one week.
Just like that it is also meaningless to ask after 6 weeks “Have your products arrived yet?”. Then the question is already irrelevant and it might also be seen as negative.
It would be better to ask 1-2 days after the expected date of arrival, if everything was okay with the order and if they already tested the products. This way your customers have enough time to test the products out a bit and to see if everything is okay with the package, but it is also closely after the arrival.


Make yourself a plan

Specifically for your products you could think of a “plan”, when to contact your customers. This way you create a kind of template for yourself, as a guidance for yourself.
This way you can guarantee to take care of all of your customers in the same way and always be there for them.

Important factors for setting your optimal After-sale-contacting could be the following:

  • the average delivery period of your product
  • the life period of your product (i.e. cosmetics)
  • the average time of use of your product

These are of course only examples, from which factors the optimal contacting could be derived. But they might give a first impression, what might be an important factor. If for example a tube of creme that is used daily on average lasts four months, it might be a good idea, to ask after three or three and a half months, if the customer wants to re-order. This way you help your customer and take every chance to make more sales. Also you prevent your customers from “emergency buys”. If a customer forgets to re-order your products, they might just go in their “emergency” to the next drug store. So: Help your customers with that and also ensure a higher customer loyalty while also increasing your sales!

Possible occasions for calling again:

  • Has the order arrived and was is complete?
  • Is everything compliant? (i.e. with cosmetics / dietary supplement)
  • After some period of use: Is the customer still satisfied with the products?
  • What about a re-order?
  • The arrival of a new collection / new product
  • suggesting fitting additional products


Setting reminders

In the last paragraph we already named some aspects, that might be a good reason to get in contact with your customers again. Some of them could be optimal 1-2 weeks after the actual meeting with your customer, meaning the selling party or consultation, while others are only reasonable after some months.

To not forget anything over this long time and with all customers it makes sense to help yourself out a little bit with a selling tool. skeddle has the perfect function for this with its reminder-management!

With every event planned with skeddle you can add several reminders, that will remind you automatically even after months about important calls! You can also create these reminders in your templates, so that they will be added automatically to all your events, seminars or selling parties and you do not have to add them all manually every time you plan something.

This way skeddle helps you to become even more successful in Network Marketing and Direct Selling!

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