Benefit from holidays and special occasions

Benefit from holidays and special occasions

People like to get presents and some also like to give gifts to others. Over the year there are a lot of occasions for gifting: birthdays, Mother’s Day / Father’s Day, Valentines Day in February and of course also religious celebrations like Christmas, Eastern of the Sugar Feast.

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Especially occasions or holidays where you give presents can be interesting for Network Marketing or Direct Selling and can increase your sales.

The right preparation is important

The good thing about these special occasions and holidays is, that they can be planned. Because you always know when they are this year, you can prepare yourself for rising requests and orders right before such events.
Most firms also create special offers for these days, i.e. a Valentines Special, with which you can advertise in the time before the 14th of February.

In general is makes a lot of sense to advertise more right before holidays and gifting occasions, maybe be a little more active on Facebook & co. and also get in contact with some of your customers again!
Especially before those days where people make each other gifts the demand for special products is high. And because in the cities it is getting even fuller in those times, online shopping and home shopping are favored.

Use this for your own advantage and increase your sales!


Always keep track

Of course it can get quite stressful in those times where party requests and orders accumulate. Then it is particularly important to work structured and to maybe get some help from an intelligent selling tool to keep track of everything.

When it comes to the planning of selling parties or personal consultation, there is no faster planning than with skeddle!
When using the template function (more HERE) events can be planned faster than ever and be shared with your customers. In this event you can add reminders, that will automatically remind you after the event to make for example important calls (more HERE). Especially in a time with a lot of selling parties, seminars or consultations and therefore also more orders this can be a huge relief.




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