Green, blue , red – What do the colors of skeddle mean?

Green, blue , red – What do the colors of skeddle mean?

In the skeddle app you can find different colors and symbols to present all important information clearly arranged and structured. Here you can find a small overview, to get a general understanding about the structure of skeddle.



One of skeddles main colors is blue. In general, blue banners or buttons indicate, that an action is required or possible there.

The skeddle timeline

  • For example on our timeline “open invitations” are presented in blue. Here the date and time has not been confirmed yet (how you can do that is described HERE) and the planning is therefore not completed yet. You can see that immediately on your timeline.
  • The “plus”-Button is also in blue, it is in the bottom right corner of your screen. Here you can create a new event.
  • At the top of the screen you can see the buttons “list” and “calendar” in blue too. You can here change the display format of your events if you want to, from a chronological list to a clearly arranged monthly view and plan just the way you like it.

This way of color-arrangement is represented in the whole app, also in your event. Therefore open to-dos, free seats in a carpool and dates that are not accepted are blue, because here you should or could take action.




The color green shows you in the skeddle app, where you already took action and therefore where your planning is advanced. Also the “update”- or “create”-Buttons are green or already confirmed events on your timeline are marked in green.


example of a to-do overview

  • To-dos are marked in green under “My to-dos” after you accepted them. skeddle also differentiates whether you already completed your to-do (then the circle is filled with green and ticked) or if you just added this to-do to your tasks (then the circle is green and unfilled)
    Everything else there is to know about to-dos can be found HERE





Like it is quite often, red is a warning color, that shows you where caution might be important, for example before deleting a date suggestion.

a created template for your events

  • “delete”-buttons are always red
  • Also warning signs (for example an information where you’re being asked to confirm your actions before deleting something permanent) are red, so that you won’t delete something by accident
  • On your timeline you can also show past events again. These are shown in red too, so that you won’t get confused and always see which events have already been happening in the past and which ones are still to come



The blue plus

This symbol can be found in many different views of skeddle, for example on the timeline or on an event card. By clicking on it, you can always create or add something new.
On the timeline you can add a new event over the blue plus. You’ll get immediately to the creation process. In the event itself you can add new options with the blue plus button. A new date suggestion, to-do or carpool can be added over this button.

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