Organizing carpools

Organizing carpools

How do my customers and guests get to my event? That’s something you have to think about when planning after date and time have been set. To make sure that everybody will get to the event punctual, you have the opportunity to offer and plan carpools.

Just like organizing a to-do list, you can only organize carpools after the date has been confirmed before. How you do this and why it is a condition to plan carpools in the skeddle app, can be read here: To the article “Open and confirmed events”

carpool overview with one offer


Carpools can be added by clicking on the blue plus in the bottom right corner.
After using the button, you can enter the number of available seats and also decide a meeting point.
Other attendees or guests of the event, seminar or selling party can then book one or more seats in your car and join you to drive to the event together. If there are still other things to plan together, you can use our integrated event chat (upper right corner).

Your offered carpool or the carpool you joined will be listed in green under “my carpool”.


Here we show you, how to organize a carpool:

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