This post is about one of the most helpful functions of skeddle, to increase your turnover and your success sustainable: Reminder.


After a successful selling party work has just begun. After every order is finished, you have to retain if your customers are satisfied with your products or if the order arrived in time and complete. For this you need to get in contact with your customers again.

What can I do with the reminder function?

And thats exactly what you can use the reminder function of skeddle for! If you normally ask your customer about their order three weeks after a selling party, skeddle now can remind you automated about this call or message to your customers!
Especially in stressful times with a lot of selling parties or events skeddle will be of great help. No customer will ever be forgotten again and so your turnover can increase until its full potential is reached!

Adding a new reminder to your template


How to create reminders

You can create reminders for specific parties or in one of your templates. Where you can find the templates and how you can create them, is explained in one of our previous articles. You can read it HERE.

To create a reminder you can enter a title (i.e. “Call: Are you satisfied with your order?”) and of course a time when you want to be reminded to call your customers. If you create a general reminder in your template, you can set the reminder to i.e. “two weeks after the event at 3 p.m.”. If you create a reminder directly in a specific event, you can chose the exact date when you want to be reminded. You can also add a note (optional).

At the chosen time you then will be reminded to get in contact with your clients again, ask about their satisfaction or if they want to purchase other products. So you’ll never forget any calls or messages ever again!


Below you can see how to create a new reminder in your event:

Try it out now!

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