Setting up your profile

Setting up your profile

In the business version of skeddle you have the opportunity to set up your personal profile.
This profile can be viewed by your guests or customers at any time, so it is important to fill it out!

When planning a selling party it is often the case that you only have contact with the host of the party and not with every other guest. But if you’re planning with skeddle this will finally change! Planning with our selling tool means being in touch with all of your guests and planning the event together with them. If there are any queries, every guest should be able to get your contact details fast and easy. With a filled profile this is no longer a problem!


Where can I find my profile?

Dein Profil ist im Menü auffindbar. Dieses erreichst Du, indem Du vom “Startbildschirm” (Deiner Timeline oder alternativ deiner Kalenderansicht) links oben auf das Menü-Symbol klickst. Danach öffnet es sich von der linken Seite her.

You can find your profile in the menu.

You can open this menu on the up left corner

Indem Du dann auf “Profil” klickst, wirst Du zu der Bearbeitungsansicht Deines persönlichen Profils weitergeleitet. Dort hast Du nun die Möglichkeit deine Kontaktdaten anzugeben und ein Foto hochzuladen oder falls Du dies schon getan hast die gemachten Angaben zu aktualisieren.

By clicking on “profile”, you’ll be redirected to the editing view of your personal profile. There you have the opportunity to enter your contact details and upload a photo. If you already added information about your self, you also have the opportunity to update the informations.


Setting up your profile

Pleas note: Entering you name is an obligation, because only by entering your name your customers know who you are.

Any other information is of course optional. Wir empfehlen jedoch, mindestens eine Mailadresse oder eine Telefonnummer einzutragen, um Deinen Kunden die Möglichkeit zu geben, Dich zu kontaktieren. Falls Du zu unseren Datenschutzrichtlinien fragen hast, kannst Du sie hier einsehen: Zum Datenschutz

We recommend to at least enter your mail address of a phone number, so that your guests have a chance to get in touch with you. If you have any questions regarding our privacy policy, you can find it HERE

Thats how your customers see your profile

Until now these are possible informations to add in your profile:

  • Your personal profile picture (optional)
  • Your name (visible for all guests)
  • Your favorite quote or your business slogan (optional)
  • Your company (optional, aber empfohlen)
  • Your phone number (optional, but recommended)
  • Your mail address (optional, but recommended)
  • Your website or webshop (optional, but recommended)


You can edit these information, by clicking on the particular field. Important: To save your changes you have to click the green “update”-Button!

Your contact details are clickable, meaning that a click on your phone number redirects your customer or guest directly to their phone app, so he or she can call you immediately and easy. Every information that has a blue underline is clickable and lead you directly to the right app or website.


Who can see my personal information?

No one out of the app can see your information. Only persons who are in the same event as you are can see your profile. By clicking on the list of attendees, you can see everyone who has joined the event, seminar or selling party so far and get to the profiles of other attendees.
Please note: only a skeddle business user can fill out their profile. User of the basic version of skeddle can only enter a name.


Here you can see how to fill out your profile:

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