Sharing a skeddle link with your customers

Sharing a skeddle link with your customers

Photo: William Iven

A little note about skeddle.
Unfortunately we heard from some of our partners, that some of their customers were a bit confused when they received a skeddle link.

A little bit more concrete:
A selling party / consultation was being planned. To find a date in the group together, a skeddle event was created and send via WhatsApp® to the customers. In the chat (but also when sending it via mail etc) the title of the event and also the description are sent with the link, still there has been some confusion on the customers side.


Therefore here’s our suggestion:
Tell your customers before sending the link, that you intent to plan the event with an app / software named skeddle! Or you can put this information in the description (or even your templates, more about this can be found HERE), so it will be sent automatically every time you share the event link.
This will not only raise acceptance, but it will also answer questions and concerns, that will eventually come up when receiving an unknown link.


This way the planning will be much easier and without confusion!

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