To-do lists

To-do lists

To-do lists and task lists are also an important element of event planning. Also it might be important to coordinate these with the other attendees of your event, seminar or selling party so that in the end you’ll have everything that is needed and nothing doubles.

There for you have to to-do lists in skeddle! You can create for example a shopping list, where every attendee of this event can participate and sign up to bring something from the list.

Just like organizing a car pool, you can only accept to-dos after the date has been confirmed before. How you do this and why it is a condition to plan to-dos in the skeddle app, can be read here: To the article “Open and confirmed events”


An event card with two open to-dos


You can not only see on the event card that to-dos are planned, but also see directly if there are still any open to-dos or if you already accepted some.
To add a new to-do you just have to click on the “blue plus” in the to-do overview.


Different types of to-dos

To-Do overview

Open to-dos: these tasks have been created, but have not yet been accepted by anyone.

My to-dos: You already accepted these to-dos. If the circle before the to-do’s name is not filled yet it means, that you have signed up for this task, but you haven’t marked it as “done” yet. To do so, you just have to click the green circle and it will be ticked off.

Show all to-dos: Normalerweise zeigt Dir skeddle unter To-Do’s nur Deine persönlich angenommenen Aufgaben und Erledigungen an und die, die noch offen sind. Indem Du auf “Alle To-Do’s anzeigen” gehst, werden Dir auch die To-Do’s angezeigt, die andere bereits angenommen oder erledigt haben. So kannst Du ggf. bei der zuständigen Person nachhaken oder nachfragen, falls etwas unklar ist.

Private to-dos: These are the tasks you added for yourself, for example as a personal help your you to not forget anything or your own task list. Other attendees can not see these to-do’s (not even the creator of the event can)



How to create and accept a to-do is shown in the following video:

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